Mower regime


Our mac regime leaves large parts of the meadow untouched in the spring. I mow around the trees freely and create transport routes for tree cutting. Thus, most of the meadow for the insects remains. This delights our eye and smells of all kinds of herbs.



What does a farmer wish for his birthday? A farming machine, of course. This time it's a high grid. The high grid allows the trees to be cut even without acrobatics.

Our next project

WIldnis No. 117

The wilderness in Campo above the Oze is incredibly romantic. Making this wilderness urready again will be our next project, which will probably occupy us all year round.

Tree cutting in fog


Early in the morning we go to the Campo to cut to the trees in the spring. I look after the Campo in 3 sectors, each of which is cut every three years. This involves about 10kg of leaves and 10kg of wood per tree.

Rosemary blossom


We are back at Lake Garda. At home, the flowering rosemary hedge welcomes us. In autumn, we want to produce seasoning oil with rosemary.

First cut

In May we planned three cuts of the grass during growing season. We assigned the task to Valentino as he has lots of experience.

The Good Old Panda 4×4

The Fiat Panda 4×4 model 141A with its huge trunk is more of a kind of pick-up. Just like he is an excellent climber. Here is a video as he climbs up the donkey path at 23 ° incline which equates to 45%.