We try to protect the spider plant

Now the first flowers are coming up. It looks like the plant is supported by ants. By the end of July there will be a true bloom. We have a few places where the spider plant (Anthericum ramosum) grows, I try to make sure that I do not catch them when mowing.

I remove Ailanthus and Aster from the Campo

Ailanthus altissima is a highly invasive plant and is difficult to control. Unfortunately, little attention was paid to the problem in the past. We dig up the young trees and try to control the stock. Just felling or curling is counterproductive, if afterwards you can not mow at least 3 times a year. The trees strike out hard on their root network after felling. If possible, harvest the fruits early and destroy them. https://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=AIAL

The white panicle aster (Aster lanceolatus) is already blooming here in July and is also a strong neophyte that I simply weed, as it can be easily pulled out of the ground. These asters are worthless to the native insects, but displace the other plants. The Aster thrives magnificently on dry free soils. In the meadow, small bare plates form around the plant on which nothing else grows. https://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=SYLAL4

Thanks to Thun summer market!

Thun Sommermärit

In bright weather we were able to pass on our good olive oil to customers from near and far!
That was our last market this season. The next time at the Advent market at the end of November in Thun!
Now we are almost sold out, if you need something please drop by or order in the shop.

Saturday, June 1. Summer market in Thun

Sommermärit Thun

I am pleased to offer you in Thun from the current season one last time our olive oil from our own production. You can also try with us. We still have gift sets and Balsamico Bianco with us. We are happy to give you information about the benefits of olive oil and our work in the olive grove.

The redstart is back

phoenicurus phoenicurus

The garden red tails love our campo, because it has many insects and the meadows under the trees and the connecting paths are cut short, so that these songbirds easily come to the insects.
I had heard it already in April, but only now seen. The female has not arrived yet. The redstart phoenicurus phoenicurus overwinter in Africa in the Sahel. It is amazing that these little birds travel so far in a few weeks.
It is fascinating to watch them staking out their territory, flying from tree to tree. As soon as they are sitting on an open branch or high up on the tree, they start a virtuoso song.

Heller Garden Gardone

Heller Garden

Today for the …5th birthday of Angi we were in Gardone on the other side of Lake Garda. After an excellent lunch in Bali´ (here is a young ingenious cook with his team at work!) We visited the Heller Garden for a long time. Although Heller has resold the park in the meantime, the charm of the botanical garden with its many works of art has been preserved.

A storm is catching up

Unwetter zieht auf

Lake Garda ‘mostly’ the sun shines, especially in our ‘paradise’ but rarely a storm passes.
Many citizens of Brenzone believe that they do not come to paradise. Because Peter thinks they have spent all their life in paradise.