Our tall tree

Unser hoher Baum

A tree has particularly struck me by its location and shape. I leave this tree at its ancient height of 8m. Since the H-ladder is not enough for the cut, here stands the "scala monomontante," as it is almost 9m tall. I usually only use these ladders for harvesting, as it is placed outside in the Astforks.

Tree cut before-after

Baumschnitt vorher - nachher

In front of the tree cut and after the tree cut. Here you can see well how the headphones are cut away. In the case of 3-yearly tree cutting, this is not so much. Here, however, the trees were not cut for a few years and strong headboxes have formed, which now unfortunately have to go away in order to reach the typical tree height with us from under 6m. The yield is, of course, smaller in the first year after the cut, but for that the tree again forms fruit over the whole tree crown. This form "acefalo" (headless) facilitates manual harvesting. (In machine harvesting, the trees are cut differently, only approx. 3m tall and "vaso-polycono")

The typical tree cut on Lake Garda


The typical tree cut with us in Brenzone sul Garda is "vaso-acefalo," that is, "headless vase shape" it is pulled 2-4 main branches from the trunk and the high branches cut away with the headcuffs–> video, so that the fruits form on hanging branches and not on The headcuddles. This cut allows for the traditional manual harvest.

Mower regime


Our mac regime leaves large parts of the meadow untouched in the spring. I mow around the trees freely and create transport routes for tree cutting. Thus, most of the meadow for the insects remains. This delights our eye and smells of all kinds of herbs.



What does a farmer wish for his birthday? A farming machine, of course. This time it's a high grid. The high grid allows the trees to be cut even without acrobatics.