Olive Leaves-tea

The tea from Campo-Remo olive leaves tastes fresh as well as pronounced olives and is digestible. North of the Alps, olive leaf tea is no longer so well known, but we also became so familiar with us in the Middle Ages of Hildegard von Bingen in the 12th century. It was recommended in the 19th century. In the olive leaf, the bitter oleuropein occurs in an even higher concentration than in the olive. However, due to the duration of the pulling letting, the bitter taste can then be influenced.

Olive Leaves-tea Ingredients for 1 liter of Tea:

  • 5 tbsp olive leaves finely cut
  • Boiling water to pour over
  • 10-20 min Pull for bitter tea
  • or 5-8 min for fine tea
  • With honey after sweetness if desired

Preparation for the tea, the dried olive leaves should be finely cut or bumped. The amount should be much higher than with other herbal Teas. Omit with hot water and leave to draw for a long time, as the substances are difficult to dissolve from the leaves. The duration also depends on the personal taste, as more and more bitter substances are dissolved from the leaves over Time. Those who prefer a thin sweet tea should not leave it for more than 8 minutes and can still sweeten with honey.

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