Fresh! For freshly pressed olive oil a refreshing Caprese salad

The freshly squeezed olive oil, with its intense green colour, reminded me of something fresh, like a caprese salad. In order not to affect the taste of good tomatoes, I prefer fresh milky cow mozzarella to buffalo mozzarella.

Fresh Caprese Salad Ingredients for 2 persons:

  • 2 small tomatoes from the fresh market
  • 1 fresh milky mozzarella from cow's milk
  • Fragrant basil from the garden
  • Angis Herb Salt (coming soon in our product range)
  • Campo-Remo Olive oil (here the first pressing, fresh and intensive green)
  • Wine vinegar (We also offer soon)

Preparation depending on love and enthusiasm, the spread lasts 15-30 minutes. Slice the fresh tomatoes. Halve the Kuhmozzarella and then cut into slices. Wash and provide basil. Put the tomato slices and Mozzarellascheiben on the plate alternately. The herb salt sparingly sprinkle. The provided fragrant Basil Dazulegen. Pour the wine vinegar over it and pour the fresh Campo-Remo olive oil in a fine line over it.

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