Plastic in the environment is a problem

Oregon BioTrim IMG_5434

When mowing with a line mower, small plastic particles from the cutting line always remain in the environment. Since I use about 300 m of thread per year, I had looked around for a biodegradable thread.
The BioTrim ™ was developed in collaboration with the National Center for Evaluation of Photo-Protection (C.N.E.P.) in Clermont-Ferrand (France),
The thread of Oregon breaks down in 3 steps. The first three years with UV light then continuously with heat and microorganisms in the soil. The whole process takes about 5 to 10 years.
My experience with it is surprisingly positive. Subjectively, I have the impression that the thread is heavier and stiffer, which suits me when mowing tall, already dry blades of grass. Now that the stability is noticeably longer.

The meadows are now fully ripe

Wiese IMG_5435

I usually mow the meadows completely in early October, since the harvest begins in mid-October. Since there is nothing to harvest this year, I only mow the part on which I still cut sucioni. The rest will not be mown until late October.

The ivy is now blooming

Efeu Blüte IMG_5472

I have returned to Lake Garda and have been greeted by the buzz of insects and the typical scent of blooming ivy.
The ivy is important because it is one of the last sources of food for the insects in late autumn.

The Campo from the ship

Boccino IMG_5335

When we took the ship back from Castelletto to Assenza, I took a picture of the Campo from below. It is located directly above the upper houses of Boccino. Most of the guests at our wedding were in the Hotel Vela d’Oro in Brenzone down by the lake.
And tomorrow I’m going home. But I’m only here for a short time, at the end of the month.

The pigeons in the Campo

Tauben IMG_5322

The pigeons make their rounds every day and come to us. On the formerly overgrown Campo 117 you will always find plenty to pick because I often mow this piece to promote the grass.

Today we had Faraone

Pharaone IMG 5292

You used to see pheasants again and again. But since the hunters were supposed to hunt the wild boar with us, you rarely see a pheasant. I still see traces of burrowing. – What do our hunters hunt? The pheasant we had eaten here comes from a farm and not from our Campo.

Now the shoots are cut

“Polloni” grows on the trunks and at the foot of the olive trees after the pruning in spring. At the end of August the trees are no longer as strong, then it’s time to cut the “Succhioni”.