The redstart is back

phoenicurus phoenicurus

The garden red tails love our campo, because it has many insects and the meadows under the trees and the connecting paths are cut short, so that these songbirds easily come to the insects.
I had heard it already in April, but only now seen. The female has not arrived yet. The redstart phoenicurus phoenicurus overwinter in Africa in the Sahel. It is amazing that these little birds travel so far in a few weeks.
It is fascinating to watch them staking out their territory, flying from tree to tree. As soon as they are sitting on an open branch or high up on the tree, they start a virtuoso song.

Heller Garden Gardone

Heller Garden

Today for the …5th birthday of Angi we were in Gardone on the other side of Lake Garda. After an excellent lunch in Bali´ (here is a young ingenious cook with his team at work!) We visited the Heller Garden for a long time. Although Heller has resold the park in the meantime, the charm of the botanical garden with its many works of art has been preserved.

A storm is catching up

Unwetter zieht auf

Lake Garda ‘mostly’ the sun shines, especially in our ‘paradise’ but rarely a storm passes.
Many citizens of Brenzone believe that they do not come to paradise. Because Peter thinks they have spent all their life in paradise.

Lush meadows between the olive trees


In our Campo there is not only a rich variety of flowers, but also many different grasses. I am happy about this diversity, which is a prerequisite for the diversity of species of insects here and thus also allows the diversity of songbirds.

7m olive tree laid flat

Olivenbaum flachgelegt

This is our second major storm damage. At the entrance, it has demolished a large branch and adjacent to Antonios Campo like a 7m high olive tree. Here the trees are not cut yet and a little above the usual 5-6 m. The tree must have been knocked down about 40 years ago. At least the old cut was visible on the trunk. After half an hour, the tree was cut up and could then be put away.

A rare guest is in the campo alone in the meadow


We are back on Lake Garda to eliminate the damage caused by the storm. On my first tour of the Campo, I discover the rarely found late spider-orchid. It’s the other way around, just like the north of the Alps. The early spider-orchid is very common with us and flowers in March, but the late spider-orchid flowering here in May, is rather rare in the Campo. Maybe that’s related to the wild bees that occur. Although I have seen longhorn bees, but the sand bee is more common with us.

Thanks Laufen and goodbye!

Laufen Märit 1.Mai

A great market on May 1st in Laufen! Many thanks to all visitors from near and far. We even welcomed some well-known customers from the Basel and Liestal area. Of course, we are very pleased when we meet our regular customers again, which confirms our path. In Laufen we were unfortunately the last time for this season. But we look forward to the Christmas time to present you our new olive oil.

On May 1 market in Laufen

Laufen 1-Mai Markt 2019

You can taste our very good olive oil at the stand. We also have gift sets and Balsamic Bianco. My son Paul and I will gladly tell you about the benefits of olive oil and our work in the olive grove.

We are with our olive oil stand in Laufen in the curve to the station.

Laufen May 1 location

Thank you Liestal!

Frühlingsmarkt in Liestal

The well-attended spring market in Liestal in bright weather and the active support of friends and acquaintances has helped us to a new sales high. At noon, Paul successfully replaced me and in the evening in pouring rain Leo has radiantly spread optimism -> see picture.